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Victoria Day Award for Public and Community Service by a Victorian Organization Awarded to Willing Older Workers or WoW!

W.O.W! Began as a result of the experience of Mr Howard King, after he was retrenched from a Western Australian company, when he was overseas on holiday.

It took him almost 15 months and 500 applications to find work in Melbourne. So at age 63 he became painfully aware of the plight of older workers. By this stage he had come into contact with more and more people in his situation. This is what motivated him and his wife, Marilyn, to establish W.O.W! In July 2011.

Today W.O.W! runs a weekly food programme as well as providing advocacy and material aid for older, unemployed workers. In addition they bring local charities and older people together. Most importantly, they help to foster social interaction and counter the crushing isolation felt by older unemployed people.

W.O.W!'s links are now expanding nationally

By giving people a helping hand, encouraging them to share the workload and to share their experiences with others, W.O.W. is helping people find their emotional strength again and regain their sense of pride and self-confidence.

Presented to Howard King, Chair on behalf of Willing older Workers by the Deputy Lord Mayor Susan Riley.