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  2011 Young Victorian of the Year

Amit Menghani


The Victorian of the Year for a younger Victorian is a story of a person standing up and making a difference in a very difficult and tense time for the Indian student population living in Melbourne.

In 2009 after a spate of violent bashings against Indian students,  our award winner stepped out to mediate, help diffuse the tension and challenge the racism head on.

His media presence and leadership as a student welfare officer and member of the Federation of Indian Students played a vital role in addressing these tragic problems on the streets of Melbourne and created positive steps to move forward .

He challenged all Victorianís to think about what really defines a society. Is it Race or colour of your skin?

As a leader in the Indian student community in Melbourne and as an outstanding young role model, he contributed in a significant way to create peace, helped heal the damage, and made steps to ensure something like this would never happen again.

 He helped build on the wonderful multi-cultural city we enjoy today.